Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Doctors are Dangerous

"The best diet is one that includes 50 percent good carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains; 30 percent protein, such as fish or meat; and 20 percent good fat such as olive oil." - The Doctors web site

Really? We need lots of whole grains to be healthy? Says who? The government?...Since when? Where did our Paleo ancestors find their "whole grains"? However did they survive without them?! "Healthy" whole grains can spike blood sugar levels higher than table sugar does. They also cause HDL (good) cholesterol to drop like a stone, Triglycerides to increase, and small/dense LDL patterns to emerge (which is probably the #1 cause of heart disease in the country).

Unfortunately, many people take what "The Doctors" on TV have to say as gospel. Keep in mind these guys are to medicine what Dr. Phil is to psychology. It's too bad, because there are literally millions of people who look to The Doctors for all they need to know about health...instead of researching it on their own. The Doctors are proclaiming that we need to get 50% of our calories from carbs - basically mirroring the failed nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA. Interesting note about the USDA: their job is to sell agricultural products...not keep people healthy. So it's no shock that they would recommend that we get a large chunk of our calories from products that they are trying to sell! Unfortunately for all of us...The Doctors are buying.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's Menu

It's been a while since I've logged what I'm eating, but I was on vacation all last week, so I'll give myself a pass. I can tell you that I gained a pound or two over the week I was away. I still ate very low carb, but I certainly ate a heckuva lot. It's vacation - so why not overindulge, right? I'm not concerned at all because I know that extra couple of pounds will be gone in a day or two living my normal low-carb life!

Here's today's menu:

B - organic peanut butter

L - cheesesteak (no roll), lettuce, fried onions, mayo, pickles, a few potato chips

D - Italian sausage, broccoli, parmesan cheese

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday's Menu

I ended up skipping breakfast today - which is a rarity! It ended up being a beefy day - as you can see below:

12:00pm - 2 cheeseburgers (no buns!), ketchup, onions, pickles

7:15pm - ribeye steak, broccoli alfredo (brocolli, heavy cream, parmesan cheese)

I'd like to get back to eating more eggs. I ate them so often while I was losing all the weight that I got tired of them. Eggs could be the closest thing to a perfect food that there is, so I really should work them back into my diet a bit more.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Menu

I was unprepared and ended up skipping lunch yesterday - so today I made sure to bring something to work. I was pleasantly surprised to see there was still leftover broccoli alfredo in the fridge! Here's my day:

8:30am - organic peanut butter

12:00pm - broccoli alfredo (brocolli, heavy cream, parmesan cheese)

7:30pm - salami, provolone - caesar salad (no croutons!), chicken cheese steak (no bread!), tomato, mayo - 1 meatball

Monday's Menu

Today was one of those really busy days. I ended up missing lunch partly because I was so busy - and partly because I forgot to bring lunch and was too lazy to go out and get something! Dinner sure was good though!

8:30am - organic peanut butter

6:30pm - roasted red peppers, garlic, olive oil, sharp provolone

7:30pm - t-bone steak, asparagus, feta cheese

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday's Menu

It was Father's Day, and I ended up eating some of my absolute favorites today - like prime rib at lunch - and a couple of Cheddarwursts at dinner. Cheddarwursts are basically kielbasa stuffed with cheese. They're not exactly healthy - but at least they're low-carb. I also made some delicious alredo sauce to put on top of my broccoli at dinner. Heavy cream is your friend when you're low-carbin'!

Take a good look at the food I ate today. Now imagine eating all of those rich, delicious, filling foods and STILL losing weight. Better yet, don't imagine it...DO it! Peanut butter, steak, sausage, bacon and alfredo sauce are all big no-no's on a low-fat diet. Why in the world would we want to deprive ourselves of all that yummy goodness? Here's my Father's Day menu:

8:30am - organic peanut butter

12:00pm - prime rib, 2 eggs, 2 sausage links, 1 strip of bacon, pico de gallo, sour cream

6:00pm - organic peanut butter

7:00pm - 2 Cheddarwursts, broccoli alfredo (heavy cream & parmesan cheese)

Saturday's Menu

Today was another "party" day - as it seemingly is every Saturday. Today we celebrated a high school graduation at a party that featured a great spread of carb-laden food...but plenty of yummy low-carb choices as well. Here's how my Saturday shook out:

8am - organic peanut butter

12pm - bacon double cheeseburger (no bun), lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo

3pm - pepperoni, swiss cheese, provolone, salami

6pm - buffalo chicken tenders, bleu cheese - meatballs

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Menu

Who says you have to give up hoagies when you go low-carb? I love to go to Primo's in EHT. They've got the best cold cuts around - always fresh - and they'll serve 'em up in a low-carb wrap! Mmmmmmmmm. I feasted on a Sharp Italian low-carb wrap for lunch today!

8:00am - organic peanut butter

1:30pm - Sharp Italian Low-Carb Wrap from Primo Hoagies (Prosciutto, Sharp Provolone, Thumanns Capacola & Natural Casing Genoa Salami, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo)

6:00pm - Chicken Picatta (chicken, capers, tomatoes, artichokes, olive oil)

Thursday's Menu

One of my favorite things in life is a good cheeseteak. Luckily for me, both cheese and steak are a healthy part of a restricted carbohydrate lifestyle! Hold the bread, and you've got yourself the yummy goodness of protein and animal fat without the nasty insulin spike and the body's fat storage response caused by all the carbs. Onions are a little on the carby side, but there's nothing like fried onions on a cheesesteak. Here's how my Thursday shook out:

8am - organic peanut butter

12pm - Wawa roasted chicken salad (lettuce, tomato, bacon, chicken, parmesan cheese) with Ranch dressing

7:30pm - cheesesteak with fried onions, mayo, pickles

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday's Menu

You'd never think so - but that delicious looking crabcake isn't from the Crab Trap or the Lobster Loft...It's from Ruby Tuesday. Honestly, the Ruby Tuesday crabcake is DELICIOUS. In fact, I'd put it up against any crabcake in South Jersey. It's that good. And only 3 carbs to boot! After my big lunch @ Ruby Tuesday, I wasn't all that hungry for dinner. That's the beauty of eating low-carb. Protein and fat are FILLING...and without the nasty insulin spike you get from carbohydrates.

8:30am - organic peanut butter

1pm - crabcake - bacon cheeseburger (no bun) with mayo, lettuce & tomato - broccolli with Ranch dressing

6:30pm - 5 Wawa meatballs