Thursday, December 01, 2005

Me & Kelly Clarkson

Here's a shot I like of me and Kelly Clarkson after an interview backstage at Borgata before our "WAYV Presents Kelly Clarkson" concert! Funny story...

Mike, Diane, Intern Karin, and I were waiting to meet someone from Kelly's management team outside the doors to Borgata's Event Center around 3pm the day of the show. There's no one around as we're in a restricted area. A tiny girl, 20-something, dressed very casually in baggy cargo pants a sweatshirt and baseball cap comes up the escalator with another woman rouighly twice her age. Karin jokes, "here comes Kelly now" - we all knew she was kidding because why would Kelly be just walking around the place? I figured it was someone lost trying to find their way to their room. Anyway, it turnd out it WAS Kelly...and her Mom. I decided not to introduce myself - as I didn't want to bother her before our scheduled Mike & Diane interview. After meeting her later on I came to the conclusion that she wouldn't have minded anyway. They walked right passed us and tugged on a set of doors trying to enter the Event Center. They were locked. They tried some other doors. Locked. One more set of doors. Locked! They finally got in - but it was kind of comical to think KELLY CLARKSON couldn't get into what was supposed to be her own soundcheck!


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