Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cross Another One Off The List !

I spent my afternoon hanging up our outdoor Christmas lights. It's cold out there! All went reasonably well...besides the usual problems with individual lights not working thus rendering the whole string useless. Anyway, I finally got everything the way I want it and the true test will be whether or not they come on in an hour or so when the timer is supposed to trigger them. I'm hoping for the best.

TONIGHT I get to cross another name off the list. One of the perks of doing what I do for a living is that I get to go to lots of concerts. And honestly I have seen pretty much all the biggest names in the history of pop music - McCartney, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, U2 - and just about every one of my personal favorites too - Sting, Loggins, J. Geils Band...There are only a couple left on my list of artists I have to see...and I was able to cross off Stevie Wonder earlier this year when I caught his AMAZING show at the Taj. Tonight...It's NEIL DIAMOND!

My Mom is a big Neil Diamond fan so we had some of his records around the house when I was a kid. I guess that's how I really got introduced to his music. I was able to send her and my Dad to a Neil Diamond show a few years back and it made me very happy to be able to do it. Anyway, Neil has been making music for 40 years now and it seems his stuff is getting more critically acclaimed as he gets older. I think he's 64 now and he just released a 4-star CD. I don't know about you, but when I'm 64 I'm not planning on doing much of anything other than being retired! He's got a full catalog of hits to pull from so hopefully I'll here lots of my faves tonight...Cracklin' Rosie...America...Forever In Blue Jeans...Girl, you'll Be A Woman Soon - the list goes on and on.

Many thanks to my friend Jim who secured the tickets for us. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket, maybe I'll see you at Boardwalk Hall tonight!


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