Sunday, December 04, 2005

Football Sunday

I LOVE Sundays during football season. My wife's got a pot of gravy and sausage on the stove...she's making a homemade pizza...we've got some baked ziti with alfredo sauce...and I'm loaded up with a couple of bags of my all-time favorite chips - Cool Ranch Doritos! BTW I think there's a football game or two (or 15) on.

So much for the snow we were supposed to get last night. We DID get a little - but it was pretty much all gone by the time I went out to get the paper this morning. BTW there is more snow in the WAYV Al Roker forecast this week - and Mike & Diane are FIRST in South Jersey with all the local school closings - so tune in 95.1 every morning for the latest!


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