Tuesday, December 06, 2005

White Tuesday !

I LOVE when it snows - and when I heard yesterday's WAYV Al Roker forecast I was pretty excited! Al was right on with his forecast of 3-6 inches for most of South Jersey.

I grew up in Eatontown, NJ - about an hour and 10 minutes North of Atlantic City. Being a little further North it tends to snow a bit more there than it does here. Anyway, I remember as a kid constantly checking out the windows of our house for snowflakes anytime there was snow in the forecast. At night it was always tough to tell if it was snowing or not since it was dark out - so I would go look out our kitchen door and turn on the outside light to illuminate any snow that was falling. What a beautiful site! It was even more beautiful when I would turn on the radio in the morning and hear the announcer say, "Eatontown Schools are CLOSED". That would usually be followed by a huge sigh of relief from me. You see, if there was snow in the forecast, many times I would roll the dice and NOT do my homework. I figured if school was going to be closed, I'd have an extra day to get my work done! Of course there were many times I got burned using that philosophy when a big snow storm would move out to sea or the snow would turn to rain.

I don't ski. I don't sled (anymore!). I don't ice skate. But I still LOVE the snow. It's got a way of covering up all the messes we've made with a blanket of newness. The world just seems like a more peaceful place when it's snowing.

When you work in radio, there's no such thing as a "snow day". We HAVE to be here rain, snow, hurricane, whatever! And it's our pleasure to do it! I'm just glad I'm not Mike & Diane...having to brush the snow off their cars at 4 in the morning!


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