Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Perfect Gift

"Boys are SO HARD to shop for. If you are a woman reading this then you can sympathize. If you are a man, HELP A GIRL OUT WILL YA??!!!" - Heather DeLuca, 95.1 WAYV

I read the above in Heather's blog. I had no idea women had trouble buying gifts for men. I thought it was the other way around! Men are usually very transparent when it comes to things they want. Actually women probably are too but we men don't pay attention or listen all that well. Anyway - here's my fail-safe, fool-proof, you-can't-go-wrong gift advice to women looking to buy something for the man in their life...

Men usually have a few things they're REALLY interested in. You've probably realized that when most guys are into something...they're REALLY into something. It could be golf, it could be Eagles football, it could be cars, it could be the Rolling Stones...whatever. Just find one of those things and aim your money in that direction. If your guy is an Eagles fan for example, you can buy him Eagles related gifts for the rest of his natural born life. Trust me. He won't mind. Once you hit on something he's really into, feel free to go back to that well year after year.

Take me for example. I have put all of the gift buyers in my life on notice that if they buy me a football jersey - doesn't matter what team - for every gift giving occassion for the rest of my life I'll be a very happy guy. It's my birthday? Jersey. Merry Christmas? Jersey. You'd like to congratulate me on my Nobel Peace Prize? Jersey! I'm a huge football fan and I collect buying for me is a no-brainer.

What's his favorite movie? Favorite actor? Favorite athlete? Favorite band? Favorite TV show? Autographed items are always good. Collectibles...memorabilia...etc. You get the idea! Use Ebay - you can find anything there!

I hope this helps! Good luck - Happy Shopping!


At 7:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For guys if it is a sports gift from their favorite team we're like cool thanks honey. For the ladies, they want meaning behind the gift, it has to be special. That's the problem, sure if you are rich you can go with the bling bling and you're cool, but if you are normal then this time of year is a pain. I know that all the ladies in South Jersey listen to wayv and love paul. So ladies read this, help a brother out. Tell me, what gifts that didn't cost much from your man really melted your heart. How did he present it and how did he make it extra special. I'm not looking to copy, just want to get inspired here. Another weekend of hours of walking around the mall clueless is starting to make me lose my sanity.

At 4:14 PM , Anonymous Paul Kelly said...

Hi Anonymous...

True - women like to have "meaning" behind a gift...moreso than men do. If we'd just pay a bit more attention to the things our ladies say, we'd probably have an easier time finding that "meaningful" gift. Of course most of us men are thinking about who to start at Wide Receiver on our fantasy football team while the ladies are dropping us hints on what they'd like for Christmas!



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