Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year from WAYV! The above picture is me and the WAYV airstaff. From L-R...Mike, Diane (hidden by Mike's beer!), me, Heather, and Intern Karin. You can't see it well, but those are actual little pictures of my daughters on my tie!

New Years Eve 2005 was a different one for me. Last year my girls were only about 6 weeks old, so obviously we just stayed in. The 15 or so New Years Eves before that pretty much consisted of me going out with friends and getting drunk! This year was a bit different. You see, not only do my wife and I have kids now...but so do many of our friends. All of us went over to our friends Kim & Mark's house for a little celebration with all our kids around 6pm. We were home by 8:30. My how times have changed! It was a lot of fun...just in a different way than we're all used to!

The WAYV Big 80s New Years Eve Bash was a big success over at Trump Marina - from what I hear! Taylor Dayne and Morris Day cranked out their dance hits LIVE - and over $10,000 was given away! If you were there I'd love to hear from you.

Did you see Dick Clark this year on ABC? It was a little sad to see and hear the trouble he's having with his speech - although he has had to work incredibly hard over the past year to even be able to speak at all. As you probably remember, Dick suffered a stroke about a year ago. He's made tremendous progress relearning everything that used to be second nature to him...and that's pretty inspirational...but it was a little jarring when I first heard him speak. Dick is a true American icon...and synonymous with New Years Eve...and hopefully he'll continue his recovery!

All the best to YOU and your loved ones in the New Year. Here's hoping you'll be healthy, wealthy, and wise! Happy New Year!


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