Sunday, December 11, 2005

"What The Hell Is Brett Favre Doing Here ?"

Here I am in our basement...Sunday Night Football Lions @ Packers on ESPN...Seacrest counting down the top 40 songs of the week on WAYV...and, of course, I'm blogging. TV is ON...WAYV is ON...Computer is ON. BTW, the washer and dryer are going too...and the phone just rang. That's what I call multitasking!

The girls are in bed...and my wife has no interest in watching Brett Favre unless it's in the movie "There's Something About Mary" I'm hanging out down here. BTW that's a REALLY funny film - and I think Brett Favre has the most comical line in the whole movie. Brett walks in to Mary's apartment where all Mary's suitors are fighting over her. Matt Dillon's character asks, "What the hell is Brett Favre doing here?"- To which Brett Favre replies, "I'm in town to play the Dolphins, you dumbass." I love that!

I just e-mailed Mike & Diane with tomorrow's WAYV Christmas Song Of The Day. So they know it NOW if you want to try and pry it out of them! or I'll even give you a special heads-up. The song will play tomorrow between 10 and 11am and again on my show between 3 and 4pm. ;-)

Brett Favre just completed a pass, and Seacrest is about to crack the top 20. My night is heating up!


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