Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm No Nostradamus !

Well that didn't take long. Less than an hour after I posted my prediction that Master P would be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars, I was 0-1 with my DWTS predictions! The very funny Kenny Mayne was eliminated this week, much to my chagrin. Kenny was entertaining - even though he was clearly out of his element on the dance floor. I even used one of my ten votes on Kenny. Yes - I'm actually voting on this thing. I'm not proud of it - but what the heck. I figured I'd throw one vote his way just to help make sure that P would be the one to go. I guess it didn't work! Maybe I should have given him all 10!

Master P has NO business making it to the second round! He was horrible the first week - and his attitude stinks. I feel bad for his partner. She was probably secretly hoping they would be eliminated so she wouldn't have to spend another week trying to teach P how to dance. In one of the backstage interview segments P explained, "I ain't changing for the judges". Isn't the whole point to listen to the advice the judges give you and try and improve your dancing week to week? And to think I've actually got some Master P music in my home collection! Who knows, maybe P will get his head on straight and improve his dancing this week...but I'm not counting on it!


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