Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mouse's Revenge

When I heard this story on the Mike & Diane show earlier this week, it really cracked me up and I just had to relay it on my afternoon show. It's such a ridiculous story that it found its way onto all the major networks and news channels. If you haven't heard about "The Mouse"'re about to!

A guy named Luciano Mares in New Mexico has a mouse problem in his house. He ends up using what's known as a glue trap to catch the mouse. Basically, if the mouse steps onto the glue trap, he gets stuck to the glue and can't get away. Anyway, the guy finds the mouse in the trap and decides he will dispose of him by tossing the entire trap into a pile of burning leaves he's got going in the backyard. After throwing the trapped mouse into the fire, the heat from the fire melts the glue trap and the mouse is able to escape. The mouse...ON FIRE...runs from the pile of burning leaves and goes back into the house! The house catches on fire and ultimately burns to the ground! Now, you hate to see anyone lose their home...but that is one funny story! - And one TOUGH mouse! I hope Luciano had insurance!

We had a mouse at our place a couple of months ago. When I was looking at my options on how to get rid of the little guy (or girl), most of the "traps" seemed pretty cruel. Anyway, we ended up finding one that was able to rid us of the mouse in a humane way. Maybe Luciano should have found himself a better way to get rid of his mouse!


At 10:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute picture!!
I listen to this show whenever i can... Peace!

At 10:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

still a reeeeeally cute picture. haha

At 12:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look for the little huge 7 1/2 yr old fan at the concert on the section 215 row A . He'll be wearing a sign in hopes of getting chosen to go on stage and meet his idol Bon Jovi

P.S. His name is Corrado not to be confused with CORRADO SOPRANO


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