Friday, January 13, 2006

PK's Dancing With The Stars WEEK 2 Prediction !

Each week in this blog I'm posting who I think will be kicked off Dancing With The Stars. So far I'm 0-1 because SOMEHOW Master P managed to escape elimination in Week 1. So surely I'll be picking him again in Week 2 right? WRONG! I'm going against the grain this week by picking TIA CARRERE to be eliminated. Why? Well she's certainly a lot better than Master P...but as we saw last week, it's not always the worst dancer who gets eliminated. My thinking here is that poor Tia (whom I like) was in the bottom two last week...and she didn't score well with the judges this week. Master P wasn't even in the bottom two last week after that HORRIBLE he must have a core group of people voting for him. I'm looking for that to save him again this week. I hope I'm wrong...but the prediction is...TIA CARRERE!

What do YOU think?


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