Friday, March 10, 2006

Damn You Kevin Covais !

Well, I had a two person lead over Heather DeLuca in our American Idol Challenge heading into last night's elimination show. I had Mandisa, Will, and Gideon. She had Bucky. The only way I wouldn't win our challenge was if three of my people were sent home versus her one...or two of my people versus her none. If you saw the show, you know what happened! I lost two, Heather lost none, and our Challenge ended in a tie.

I figured Mandisa was a lock to get through to the next round, so I wasn't worried about her. I thought Will was a definite to go...but as long as America didn't vote out Gideon I'd be OK. After seeing Kevin Covais lisp his way through another song this week I thought this might FINALLY be his time to go home. America felt differently! I'm not sure why people are voting for Kevin. Yes - he's likeable - I like him. He seems like a genuinely good kid. But he's NOT a great singer...nor is he a very good performer. He usually stands motionless behind the microphone. So who's voting for him and why? Do people feel bad for him? Is he getting votes because he's "cute"? I'm not sure. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him ride this wave of undeserved popularity well into the Top 10 and beyond - which would be a real shame for some of the better singers in the competition who might get eliminated in his place.

So where do we go from here? Heather and I TIED in our the Challenge continues - with a clean slate, new picks, and a new set of rules. More on that in the next blog entry!


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