Friday, February 17, 2006

'Dancing' Semi-Final Selection!

I'm currently 2-4 on my Dancing with the Stars elimination picks - but I've hit two in a row and I'm looking to make it three! Last night's show demonstrated three REALLY good celebrity dancers...and one not so good. Stacy, Drew, and Lisa are all spectacular - but Jerry Rice is out of his league right now. His effort and dedication are to be applauded, but he's just not as talented a dancer as the others. Jerry is a boyhood idol of mine so he always gets a couple of my votes each week. That being said, I think Jerry's got a very big fan least bigger than Lisa Rinna does. For that reason, and that reason only, my pick to leave the competition this week is...LISA RINNA!

Lisa deserves to move on. She is improving every week and she's shown that she does indeed belong in the finals with Stacy and Drew. But Lisa has been in the bottom two before (while outscoring Jerry with the judges). I fully expect Jerry to be in the bottom two with Lisa this week...but I think the votes will save him again.

What do YOU think?


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