Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sticking Up For Rachael Ray

Mike (from our Mike & Diane morning show) has gone on the record in his blog that he can't stand Rachael Ray. He's certainly entitled to his opinion - but my opinion is 100% in the opposite direction.

You know Rachael Ray as the perky young lady who's taking over the Food Network...and seemingly the world. She is to cooking what Seacrest is to everything else. She's popping up everywhere! She's got her books, magazines, and numerous TV shows including 30-minute Meals, $40-A-Day, and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels. She's one busy lady!

The same way she just "bugs" Mike for no real reason, she enchants me. Now I admit I wouldn't even know who Rachael Ray was if I hadn't seen my wife watching 30-minute Meals on the Food Network one day. But really - what's not to like about this lady? She's loaded with personality, she's sweet as pie, she's down to earth, she can cook (which goes without saying), and she's cute as a button! In fact, my wife has already been put on notice that if she ever divorces me, I'll be headed straight for Rachael Ray (although I'm sure HER significant other wouldn't appreciate that!). That reminds me of a funny scene from Dirty Dancing when Dr. Houseman is practicing putting with his wife and he tells Baby, "If your mother ever leaves me it will be for Arnold Palmer".

Boy - Rachael Ray and a Dirty Dancing reference in the same blog. Good thing I'm secure in my masculinity!


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