Friday, January 20, 2006

This Time I Mean It !

This has to be a quickie since I'm heading out to dinner tonight! It's time for my Week 3 elimination selection for Dancing with The Stars. Before you go and bet your life savings on my pick please keep in mind that I'm off to a less than stellar 0-2 start!

This HAS to be the week Master P gets kicked off. I said that after Week 1 but this week i mean it ;-)

I'll admit he performed better this week than in the previous two...but he is still WAY behind the other "stars". Jerry Rice didn't have a great night last night - but he's a personal favorite of mine so I hope he doesn't go this week. In fact, I used 6 of my 8 votes on Jerry this week. Stacy and Lisa each got one from me as well. So there you go, my official Week 3 elimination prediction is...MASTER P.


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