Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dancing With The Stars Week 6 !

We're more than halfway through the season of Dancing With The Stars on ABC and I finally got one of my elimination picks right. If I play this right I can still finish the season above .500 after my dreadful 0-4 start. Now I'm 1-4 and looking to keep my newfound momentum going!

After 5 of the 10 "stars" have been eliminated, there seems to be a clear cut pecking order amongst the 5 stars left. Clearly Stacey and Drew are the top 2 dancing stars...they each earned perfect scores of 30 tonight! That makes two straight 30s for Stacey (who remains my pick to win it all). Lisa has a solid hold on the #3 spot. She's a step behind Stacey and Drew, but she's improved every single week and looks to be a threat to make some noise in the semi-final next week. That leaves George and Jerry (a personal favorite). These guys are both class acts, but it's obvious to me that they just aren't as good as the other 3. Jerry is a world class athlete, and I've been very impressed with his transition to the dance floor - but he can't begin to compete with Drew or Stacey on this playing field. I think George has done all he can do. His bag of tricks may finally be empty. He's been in the bottom 2 before, and I fully expect him to be back there again tomorrow night. In fact, my Week 6 Dancing With The Stars Elimination Pick is.......GEORGE HAMILTON.


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