Sunday, February 26, 2006

Drew's Turn To Lead ?

It's HERE! The Dancing With The Stars finale is upon us tonight - and after an amazing performance on Thursday night, Drew Lachey has a strong lead. As I predicted back in Week One of the competition, it has come down to Stacy and Drew...although Jerry still has a small shot of winning (more on that in a moment). Stacy has been my pick to win this thing since the beginning, but she now has to overcome her lackluster "freestyle" performance in order to best Drew. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of her professional partner, who choreographed their boring "Saturday Night Fever" routine. Besides the lift at the end, their routine was very...well...routine. Nothing special AT ALL. Drew and even Jerry took chances and really wowed the judges. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out tonight.

The judges scores make up 50% of the performers total score...the viewer votes make up the other 50%. HOWEVER, in the event of a tie (which is VERY possible), the tiebreaker is viewer votes. So really, viewer votes are more important than the judges scores. That being said, there is still one dance left to scored by the judges tonight - but the judges' leaderboard will most likely stay the same...Drew, Stacy, then Jerry. That means Drew gets 3 pts, Stacy gets 2pts, and Jerry gets 1pt. There are 6 different ways the viewer vote can play out. I'll lay them out for you..

Scenario #1: Drew, Stacy, Jerry...WINNER = DREW
Scenario #2: Drew, Jerry, Stacy...WINNER = DREW
Scenario #3: Stacy, Drew, Jerry...WINNER = STACY
Scenario #4: Stacy, Jerry, Drew...WINNER = STACY
Scenario #5: Jerry, Drew, Stacy...WINNER = DREW
Scenario #6: Jerry, Stacy, Drew...WINNER = JERRY

As you can see, Drew wins in 3 of the 6 scenarios, Stacy wins in 2 of 6, and Jerry wins in 1 of 6. Scenario #6 is most intriguing because all 3 finalists would tie with 4 points. Jerry would win on the tiebreaker!

Now that I've laid it all out for you, I'll give you my official prediction. I'm 3-4 on the season so far, and we'll count the finale as TWO because two people will be "eliminated" tonight. As I've said from the start my pick to WIN is...STACY KEIBLER. Drew deserves to win based on last week's performance, but I'll go out on a limb and say Stacy wins the viewer vote this week - and that's enough to win it all!

What do YOU think?


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