Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don't Touch My Dog !

I'm not talking about canines here - I'm a cat person. I'm talking about something near and dear to any red blooded American male's heart - HOT DOGS!

Something happened to me tonight that's become a pet peeve of mine - and if you work at WaWa...take heed! For the uninitiated, when you buy a hot dog at WaWa (as I did tonight), you're afforded the opportunity to load it up with free condiments and toppings - mustard, ketchup, relish, onions - before you go to the counter to pay..which is a beautiful thing. You load it up any way you want, and then you close the lid on its little clear plastic container and you're ready to roll. So I'm at the register with some other items...and my dog. Here's where the pet peeve part comes in. The cashier puts my items into a plastic bag and then tosses my dog in there with them. Before the bag is even in my hands, my hot dog is on its side. Toppings are falling off. Condiments and smearing against the clear plastic container like some horrible amatuer painting. By the time I go to eat it, it's a mess. How hard is it to either put the dog in its own bag, away from the other items, or NOT bag it at all? Doesn't common sense tell you that a hot dog loaded with toppings cannot be placed on its side? From this point on, I'm taking my dogs into my own hands!


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