Friday, March 17, 2006

Idol Challenge Update: Paul's In The Lead...

Melissa McGhee was the first finalist eliminated from the Top 12 this week on I predicted! Heather was close, picking Melissa to go out at I only picked up one point. Melissa's elimination also means that I am guaranteed to outscore Heather on the Bucky Covington elimination. She has him at #12 and I have him at I'm guaranteed to pick up another point there. Now the bad news for me - It looks like I may be in serious trouble with my Ace Young pick! Bottom three already in the first week??? He better get his act together if I have any chance of cashing in on my 3rd place prediction for him!

To see what Heather has to say about our American Idol Challenge, CLICK HERE!
For the complete list of our picks click here!

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At 12:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diana's List is the one to win....
9 Elliot
8 Ace
7 Bucky
6 Mandisa
5 Chris
4 Kellie
3 Taylor
2 Paris
1 Katherine "Winner"

At 10:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


This has nothing to with American Idol. I just wanted to say thanks for the Care Bears tickets at Temple University. My daughter had a wonderful time which gave my husband and i pure delight because she was so happy see them. She even got to get hugs from some of the Care Bears. As always, I will continue to listen to WAYV. Now if I could only win tickets for adults!!!

Rachel Ludwig, a fan of WAYV


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