Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Get In Line !

I know it's the Christmas shopping season - and people are waiting in lines in stores all over South Jersey. I had a situation while waiting in line the other day that we can probably all relate to.

I was in line at my local Wawa in EHT and there were quite a few of us waiting. To Wawa's credit, another cashier came out and opened up another register to speed things up. She announced, "I'll take the next person over here." Upon hearing that announcement, the people at the BACK of the line scurried over to become the first ones in the new line. Come on! Where is the common courtesy of these people? How do you deliberately get in line ahead of someone YOU KNOW belongs in front of you?! The key word the cashier said was "NEXT" - she said she'll take the "NEXT person" in line...not the person who can get there the fastest! It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so rude - and maybe not even realize it! So this Christmas, when you're waiting to check out at Best Buy, or Macy's, or Walmart, or even Wawa - PLEASE show your fellow shoppers the consideration they deserve!

Is it just me? Please sound off below by clicking on "comments"!


At 11:25 PM , Anonymous Buffie said...

Its not just you. This time of year it seems that people loss what little seen that they had to begin with. They look out for number one and no one else. Not that it is much better the rest of the year.

Please forgive my aditude towards man kind, today has been a very bad day. First it is the anniversary of the death of my mother in law. Second, my truck is back in the shop for the third time this week.

God, please let 2007 be a better year.


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