Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Idol Challenge Is OVER !

First - let me say "sorry" for not updating last week! I've been incredibly busy over the past seven days...but that's a good thing.

As you can tell from my headline, the WAYV American Idol Challenge between Heather DeLuca and me is OVER. I have a ten point lead - and there are six points left up for grabs. There's just not enough points left for Heather to catch I will be the WINNER! Heather won last year, so thankfully I didn't go down 2-0!

Last week Heather picked up a couple of points on me when ACE went out. I picked ACE to finish WAY too high...but luckily he got through a few extra rounds on his looks.

The adorably naive Kellie Pickler went home last night - as she should have. I picked up another point because my Pickler prediction was a tad more accurate than Heather's.

We're down to the top 5 - Who do YOU think is going to win?


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