Thursday, April 06, 2006

PK Pulls Away in the A.I. Challenge !

It turns out I had it right! Mandisa is gone...and I'm proud to say I CALLED IT! When Heather and I initially posted our picks, I got a lot of heat for saying Mandisa would come in 9th. Honestly, I was a bit nervous after she nailed her first couple of Top 12 performances. But all it takes is one bad one to get you the boot - and that's what happened to poor Mandisa!

I had a small three point lead over Heather DeLuca in our Idol Challenge heading into last night's results show. I had Mandisa finishing 9th...and Heather had her finishing 2nd! So I tacked another 7 points onto my lead which now stands at 10. I now have a commanding lead over Heather as we head into the "Elite 8" - but there are still enough points on the board for Heather to turn the tables if everything breaks her way. It'll be tough...but it COULD happen!

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