Saturday, April 01, 2006

We're Down To 9...And I'm Still Winning !

Lisa Tucker was eliminated on Idol this week and I've tacked on a couple of points to my lead over Heather DeLuca in our AI Challenge! I was up by one point thanks to Melissa it's a 3 point lead because Heather had Lisa finishing 5th and I had her finishing 7th (a two point difference). As I've said from the beginning, this Challenge will most likely come down to Ace and Mandisa. We've got a potential 6 point swing on Ace and a potential 7 point swing on Mandisa. I picked Ace to do well while Heather picked Mandisa. But until we know the fate of those two, I'm happy to nickel and dime my way to a lead. One point here...two points there...they all add up!

I'm a bit worried about Ace who has now been bottom three fodder a couple of times. This week the theme is I'm not expecting much out of Ace this week.

How 'bout Katharine McPhee in the bottom three last week? I predict we don't see her there again until we hit the top 5.

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