Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Holy Cow !

Holy Cow! It's been a LONG time since I blogged! You know, life just seems to get sooo busy that certain things get pushed aside. Having two two-year old girls can certainly keep a person busy! I'm sure you can relate! Between responsibilities at home, at church, and of course here at WAYV - it seems my free time has been whittled down to a few minutes here or there. But I'm certainly NOT complaining about how busy I am. You figure out what's important to you - and you try and spend most of your time doing those things. I like blogging - and I'm gonna do it more often.

That's the most amazing thing to me about our WAYV listeners. Generally, they lead very busy, productive lives. Lots of parents...Lots of full-time workers...Lots of volunteers...And lots of people who are all three (like me!)

We appreciate you carving out time to listen to 95.1 WAYV. Even if you just have it on in the background to keep you company while you're running your errands - WE APPRECIATE IT!


At 1:46 PM , Anonymous Buffie said...

I just want to say, enjoy your girls. Before you know they will be going off to college. My little girl is 4 and it seems like she should only be 1 or 2.
I know that your time is valuable, but if you get the time feel free to check out my blog (you may end up with some interesting tid bits for your show): http://sewbjbstyle.blogspot.com


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