Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There Is Still Kindness In This World !

Many thanks go out to the woman and her small child who graciously let me check out ahead of them at Babys-R-Us in Mays Landing this weekend!

I was picking up one item - and the store was REALLY understaffed with exactly ONE cashier lane open. On a side note - this seems to happen WAY to often at big stores in South Jersey. So often in fact that it can't simply be blamed on "someone called out". Anyway - So there I am with my $8 item in a line packed with people and their loaded shopping carts and registry lists. The woman in line in front of me (let's call her Jane) saw I only had ONE item and offered to let me go ahead of her since she was buying lots of stuff off someone's registry. NICE! Unfortunately, there aren't enough people in the world like Jane. Jane showed consideration for me. CONSIDERATION for other people is something sorely lacking in today's society. The best thing about giving consideration is that it's FREE! It didn't cost Jane anything except about 30 seconds of her time while I checked out. So kudos - and thanks Jane! And the next time YOU'RE in line at the store, take a look at the person behind you and see if YOU can make THEIR day!


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