Monday, December 11, 2006

If Everyone Cared

What would happen IF EVERYONE CARED? That's the question posed in the latest Nickelback song that begins playing on 95.1 WAYV tomorrow (12/12). We sent the link to the video for the song to our WAYV Insiders Club members earlier today - and here are some of the responses!

Leave it to Nickelback to write a truly meaningful song with some serious perspective. These days caring seems to only be superficial-and when people make mistakes, there is no forgiveness, just hate. Hate hurts. During the holidays, people need to start reflecting on what life really means and give thanks for the joy life has to offer. Thanks for the email. Warm Regards, Aimee

I just watched the Nickelback video sent to me in email, and wow....what more can I say. It makes me think twice about complaining about little things ...and to realize that still, today, people are fighting for equal rights and for their word to be heard. It is unbelievable what people have gone through to make themselves heard. It is a wonderful song, amazing video, and should be , I believe, nationally shown because its message is so inspiring, and filled with hope that if people fight for what they believe in, and believe in the cause they are fighting for , that one day, with time, starting with one person, could change the world, and make it a better place....
Thanks Paul!...Have a Great Holiday! God Bless!

That should be an inspirational advertisement...This could be a spark for the next amazing achievement. Could be your neighbor, your brother/sister, your son/daughter or even you if you have the strength to go the distance... Peace be with you, one and all!

That Nickelback song and those facts are amazing. I can't beleive that they are real, it really makes you realize, especially this time of year to be more giving. Thank you for sharing that.

That was awesome....But, it is like preaching to the choir....many of us understand the message, but there are MANY MANY others who need to see and listen to this....., not that it would make a difference, but then only need to influence ONE.......


What do YOU think about it? We'd love to know - just click on Comments below!


At 11:01 PM , Anonymous Buffie said...

If everyone cared the world would truely be a better place. Although it probably won't happen in my life time. You have to be realistic, I think.

At 11:57 AM , Anonymous Dara Webster said...

I am a loyal Nickelback fan but this song has impressed me more than all of their other songs. I truely was touched by the vidoe and I love the song.


At 11:53 AM , Anonymous Ronnie Sonsini said...

Great Song! Wish WAYV-95.1fm would go more top 40 though! But I love the station.


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