Friday, March 02, 2007

Antonella Idol ?

Jersey's own Antonella Barba has been the center of attention on American Idol so far - and for two completely different reasons!

First, of course, is the racy picture scandal that surfaced this week. A "friend" of Antonella's released some explicit pictures of "Antonella" is some compromising positions. It turns out that while some of the pics were real, the most graphic ones were not.

The second reason the Idol world is buzzing about Antonella is because she's performed very poorly in each of the first two weeks of the final 24 competition...yet she's still on the show! In my view, she's been the weakest female singer in each of the first two weeks of the final 24 and deserves to be sent home. I can't imagine she'll escape another week of eliminations next Thursday night...but who knows!

BTW - Heather DeLuca and I are engaging in our annual American Idol competition again this year. The first part of the competition has us each selecting from the Top 24 who we think will make the Top 12...after that it gets REALLY interesting...and a bit more complicated. Anyway - here our each of our Top 12 selections!

Heather's Girls: Lakisha, Gina, Melinda, Antonella, Nicole (out), Alaina (out)
Paul's Girls: Lakisha, Gina, Jordan, Haley, Nicole (out), Amy (out)

Heather's Boys: Chris S., Chris R., Blake, Phil, Sundance, Sanjaya
Paul's Boys: Chris S., Chris R., Blake, Phil, Brandon, Jared

Who do YOU like??? Click on 'Comments' below!


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