Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday Morning Musings

Just sitting at the computer - checking out the Mike & Diane morning show on my little transistor radio (yes - I'm old). My girls are in the room watching Tigger & Pooh on TV while we all eat our breakfast. Cereal & milk for them...fried eggs for me.

-I came to the realization last night that now that the May sweeps are over there is NOTHING on prime time network TV that's really worth watching. Is there some show I'm not aware of that's worth watching this Spring/Summer?

-Speaking of prime-time TV - WAYV is giving away free tickets for Dancing With The Stars: The Tour @ Boardwalk Hall every day this week between 9am and 5pm. Good luck!

-Have you heard that phone conversation Mike & Diane had with the guy who held someone's cell phone for ransom? They're airing it now. Yikes! Maybe we'll post it in our WAYV On Demand section of the website.

-After all that rain Sunday all the lawns in my neighborhood look considerably greener.

-Pics from our two Memorial Day Weekend WAYV concerts are now posted at www.951wayv.com.


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